My role for the past 6 years has been to provide supervised visits and parent education for families involved in child protection cases. I have had the privilege to walk with families through seemingly insurmountable challenges, children being separated from their parents and placed in foster care because their home was not safe, the children being neglected and abused due to their parents’ addictions, domestic violence, and struggles with mental health.

I remember one of the first cases that I supervised at Main Street. The little child was separated from her mother and placed in foster care. She visited her mother once a week for two hours. During the first visits, the 5-year-old daughter would hide from her mother and have bathroom accidents. She never sat still and ran around the room. She was dysregulated and needed my emotional and physical support throughout the visit. I truly did not believe that this family would be reunified. The mother struggled with her mental health and addictions. She seemed oblivious to her daughter’s stress. I shared my concerns with my director. She told me that we cannot predict the outcomes of this process. Sometimes people surprise us, and I just may have a chance to witness a miracle. So faithfully we met weekly and little by little, things changed.

Over time with an amazing support system, the mother began to heal. The daughter began to feel safe. I was witnessing the miracle unfold. The mother broke free from the drugs and bad relationships. She found stable housing and a job. It wasn’t an easy road, but her relentless determination turned the tide. I had the privilege of walking with her through tears, laughter, setbacks, and victories. The parents’ commitment to change and with supportive guidance this family was reunified and is still doing well today.

I learned an amazing lesson, even the most broken families can heal. What an honor it has been to see this process with countless families over the years. That is why I am still here 6 years later, still walking with families, watching miracles happen. This is the best and hardest job you can have! I am so blessed to know these courageous people and to walk with them as they heal.