The Main Street Story

In 2004 a group of world-changing adults in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, wanted to serve families in their community. Their vision was to provide a variety of community-based social services in one location to meet the varied and complex needs of families. Over the course of several years, with considerable effort and insurmountable obstacles, the vision of the original board of Main Street Family Services retired their efforts due to a lack of community support during the economic hardships of 2008.

It was several years later that the mission and vision of this faithful group of people was resurrected. Today, Main Street Family Services is a thriving community-based mental health and social service agency located in the heart of Elk River, Minnesota. Main Street Family Services opened its doors on March 1, 2016, continuing its original mission to serve families under the leadership of Executive Director, Julie Schultz.

Main Street Family Services is a trauma-informed community of experienced providers that work with various needs, including the impact of trauma, domestic violence, chemical dependency, neurobehavioral disorders, prenatal exposure to drugs or alcohol, divorce, adoption-related issues, and mental health challenges.

When children and families have access to the services they need, their lives change by building resiliency, increasing nurturing relationships, and improving mental health stability. Our services provide families with multiple types of support in one location, making it easy for people to find and access help. Main Street Family Services impacts generations and creates a living legacy of thriving families.

We Provide Support Services That Bring Your Family Closer Together.