Parenting & Family Support Services

We all face stress and challenges at different times throughout our lives. At times, we can adjust and recover from the stress and challenges on our own. At other times, services and supports are needed to get us back on track. Seeking supportive prevention services can help with many things, including crisis prevention, improving overall wellbeing, and promoting family stability. With the use of preventive supports, people stay happy and healthy, physically and mentally, for as long as possible.

Main Street Family Services provides specialized and exceptional family support services to children and families. These support services are grounded in positive parenting principles that empower parents and caregivers while promoting healthy child development, focus on a strong understanding of attachment and the effects of trauma across the lifespan, and strive to enhance family strengths and protective factors. In addition, services are aimed at assisting parents and caregivers in building long-lasting support and community. Through these individualized services and support, it is our mission to help your family become the best it can be.

We know that this is also your mission. So, what do you say? Let’s work together to support your family and help it become the best version of itself.