FASD & Neurobehavioral Disorders

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) & Other Neurobehavioral (NB) Conditions

  • Is your child oppositional, defiant, and/or aggressive?
  • Does your child regularly have “over-the-top” reactions to seemingly small issues in the environment or situations in the community?
  • Does your child resist or refuse to go to school?
  • Are you ever bewildered with your child’s meltdowns and unable to understand what is going on with him or her that causes such a strong reaction?
  • Has your child had different therapies with little or no positive results?
  • Has your child’s therapist said there’s nothing more she can do to help your child?
  • Are you completely exhausted because nothing seems to help?

  If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then this is a training that can help. Most therapy and skills approaches to children with the above behaviors fail to take into account the underlying brain function issues that are the root cause of behaviors. Learning to understand how your child’s brain works and how to create appropriate accommodations and interventions helps you to parent effectively and support your child in other settings such as school or in the community so that you and your child can be more successful.   ***While this training focuses on FASD, it is very helpful for other neurobehavioral disorders as well, such as autism, Tourette’s syndrome, AD/HD, and traumatic or acquired brain injury.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and other neurobehavioral (NB) conditions are brain-based physical disabilities with behavioral symptoms. The brain-based approach to living with, caring for, and working with individuals and families impacted by FASD/NB acknowledges the source of behaviors: the brain, and provides a set of research-based best practices for helping people with pre-natal alcohol exposure.

About this training: This training is based on the curriculum created by Diane Malbin through FASCETS, an internationally known training model about FASD/NB disorders and the brain-based approach. Diane Malbin is the author of the book, Trying Differently Rather Than Harder.

Audience: Parents and professionals caring for and working with individuals with suspected or diagnosed with FASD or a neurobehavioral disorder would benefit from this training. Certificate of completion/contact hours will be issued at completion of the training.

About the Facilitator: Nikki Freeman, MA, LPCC is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor working in mental health for 16 years. Nikki completed the year-long Training-of-the-Trainers program with Diane Malbin through FASCETS in 2015. She has clinical experience in many settings including community, school-based, and college mental health, in-home therapy, therapeutic foster care, behavioral health coaching, and case management. Eight years ago she began private practice specializing in using the Neurobehavioral Approach with people who have FASD and their families. Since then she has begun developing a brain-based therapeutic approach to treating FASD in the mental health setting. Nikki is also the parent of two children with FASDs. She believes that individuals living with FASD can live full and meaningful lives with the appropriate supports.


Course Format:

The course format is six weekly 2-hour classes for a total of 12 hours. The course is offered four times per year and if a class session is missed it can be made up in the next course.

Fall session 2021: Dates coming soon!

Cost: Course Format is $40/person. Please let us know if cost is prohibitive as we often have scholarships available.

To register: Call Main Street Family Services office at 763.595.1420.

Day Training Format:

This is a 6-hour training held on a Saturday from 9 am-4 pm with and hour lunch break. Lunch is included.

Training dates:

Check back for dates of upcoming training’s

Cost:  Day training’s are $30/person or $50/couple. Please let us know if cost is prohibitive as we often have scholarships available.

To register: Call Main Street Family Services office at 763.595.1420.

Individual Training and Counseling

If your child/adult has a DD, CADI, BI or waiver, this format may be a good fit for you. This allows for parent training and counseling individualized to you and your family. It is done one-on-one with parents and caregivers with flexible scheduling options in-home or in the office. It can be done alone or in conjunction with the Course Format or Day Training Format.

Cost: Please contact us for rate information.

To register: Call Main Street Family Services office at 763.595.1420 or complete the waiver referral form by selecting the referral tab above.

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