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For Marriage
Main Street's marriage program, the Dance of Marriage is a great building block for any couple looking to have a healthier more vibrant relationship. Stuart and Tracy Palmer have developed a specialized curriculum designed to give couples a new perspective for their partnership. Each of the eight funfilled sessions highlights core elements found in every thriving relationship.
For Adults
Identity, purpose, parenting, bridging the generations, launching your vision, soft skills,... Main Street's workshops provide adults with critical skills for a successful life. Stuart and Tracy offer individual and group coaching on topics from social graces to finding your purpose through their individual initiatives Intelligent Design coaching and TrueLifeMatters.
For Youth
These are the years that are filled with significant crossroads and decision making. Their desire to find REAL answers to the tough questions is met with TRUTH, sensitive, but factual. Tracy Palmer provides workshops and keynote presentations on topics for youth and teens through TrueLifeMatters.

what they are saying

Rhonda L. Anderson, Co-Founder Creative Memories
"Tracy’s training is unique and refreshing because she is so genuine, transparent, and relatable. Tracy is a passionate believer in her topic. She authentically lives daily by her beliefs and principles. Therefore, when she communicates, there is great power in her words which then motivates and stirs people to action."
Seth and Sarah, Minnesota
"Exploring our relationship through movement and dance was the absolute perfect metaphor. We realized new truths and discovered real hope in solving difficult emotional issues. Stuart and Tracy lead each eye-opening session with grace, humor, compassion, and sensitivity. We were so impressed by their teachings and so blessed to be able to take our learning into everyday life. Every couple should have this outstanding experience to see their marriage deepen exponentially and blossom fully."
Dr. Scott Yorkovich, Revelare Corporation
“I have worked at Stuart’s side with mutual clients and observed how insightful and supportive he is. His questions get to the heart of issues and his observations bring light to truth. Stuart helps people reframe their challenges in a manner that encourages them to refocus attention on moving forward to a more effective future.”
Scott Whitman Founding Partner AgriLife Studios
“I highly recommend Stuart to anyone who is seeking to make a positive change, and is committed to taking the steps necessary to make it happen. Stuart is a friend, a colleague, a mentor and a Coach. I value his insight and his ability to ask the hard questions. He has helped me sort through the chaos of life, bring clarity to my core values, prioritize my goals and chart a course for achieving a healthy and sustainable "success" that fits my life. Thanks, Stuart!”
Jeff & Cheryl, Minnesota
"Stuart and Tracy have joined their unique gifts in a presentation that is both engaging and provocative. We felt really comfortable in their class, even though being challenged in our marriage relationship."
Bob Freeh, Assistant Director, Spectrum High School
In my years as an educator and a corporate marketing executive, I know that it takes a certain skill set to be able to articulate solutions, create understanding and inspire people to dream. Tracy Palmer has all three of these qualities and that is why I would highly recommend her to any organization, company or school."